The Committee

A new chairman and committee have been elected, and we'd love to hear from you. This page will tell you who to contact for you're area, or if you're looking to hire the equipment for a demonstration or show.

The committee members are as follows:

Darryl Laycock - Chairman. Darryl is the person to get hold of if you're wanting to hire us for a demonstration. He is also the one to contact if your are looking for a way to promote your business, and want to sponsor a dog show.

Bruce Eiland - Vice Chairman. Bruce co-handles the demonstrations and sponsorships with Darryl.

Nicholas Stock - Durban Rep, Equipment Manager, Web Site Administrator. I'm one of the people to contact if you're in the Pinetown/Durban area and want to start training, or even just visit a show. I'm also the one to mail with comments and suggestions about this site.

Jean Whittaker - Treasurer and South Coast Rep. Jean is the one to contact if you're interested in training in the South Coast, or if you wish to become a member.

Ninnette Smith - Secretary and Newsletter co-ordinator. Ninnette runs the KZNDAA Newsletter, and would greatly appreciate any input you have ie: Interesting stories, dog related events.

Gaynor Campbell - League Co-Ordinator, Dog Jumping and Flyball Rep. For all the dog jumpers involved in the national league, Gaynor is the one to contact.

Rob Hewitt - Agility Rep. Rob is the another person to contact about training, especially Friday training at the PGSGC, as he is normally there.