Many thanks to Dogquip for these pictures of the equipment. . If you would like some equipment like this, mail them at  or goto

I had to do some converting of file formats here, so the pictures may not be perfect.

As mentioned before, the dogs have to touch the red contact points on each end of the equipment.

This is the A-frame, no need to explain the naming. Getting your dog to come completely down can be pretty tricky.

This is the dog walk, a major problem area for some handlers, as the dogs are so eager to get on to the next obstacle they jump off before they touch the red.

A standard jump.

The cloth, or collapsible tunnel.

The flexi tunnel. This can be used at a variety of angles,depending on your course.

The sea-saw. Also quite tricky, as the dog must get used to the sudden tilt of it half-way through.

The hole in the wall. This is the suspended by chains version.

The table. In Agility it is the judges choice whether the dog must sit, down, or stand on it. He will then count back from 5. After he has reached 1 you may leave the table. In Dog Jumping you always down on the table, and the judge counts forward.

At photo of the wwaving poles...obtained at great difficultly...well, not really. Anyway, these are the dog jumping weaving poles (although they can be used for agility) Dog jumping rules state that the poles must be alternate colours.

Our new agility poles.