Of course none of this would be possible without a lot of proper training. Before starting your dog on agility, it is STRONGLY recommended that you have at least basic obedience training, as the dog must know to stay by you and not wander off to do it's own thing. A dog is not allowed to enter Dog Jumping before it is 14 months old, and Agility when it is 18 months. This is to insure the bones have been properly set. However, you may train your dog on the contact equipment before this

Training locations

Traing is now held at Peace Park, Marlvern. It starts at 6.00 PM on Monday nights.

The Bluff Dog Club, in Tara Rd, Bluff, has training at 2 PM on Saturdays.


There is training in Maritzburg, I just need to get the details so I can put them up here.

Port Shepstone

The Hibiscus Kennel Club trainson Saturdays at Borough Sports Grounds in Port Shepstone. They hae a varity of classes starting at 2:30