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As the title states, this page is about Dog Jumping and Agility in Kwazulu/Natal, though hopefully I can get some pics from all provinces once this gets going.

For those of you that haven't heard of the sport, dog jumping is similar to horse jumping. The dogs have to jump over jumps of between 550-850 mm depending on their class. The course only includes obstacles such as tunnels, and a hole-in-the-wall (A tyre either in the middle of a wooden "wall"or suspended by chains). Agility adds a few more twists. This includes obstacles such as a dogwalk, A-frame, and a sea-saw. These have coulored parts on the beginning and end known as "contact points" these have to be touched. (Sea Rules).Common to both sports are the weaving poles, or "sticks"and the bane of my existence! :) A newcomer is non-contact Agility, which has the heights of Agility, but without the contacts. You are also required to move faster than in contact.

Almost any dog may compete is these sports, although in South Africa and most of the world Border Collies are used extensively as they are fast and the quickest learners. German Shepherds are also popular, with quite a few appearances by Golden Retrievers and Rough Collies. The Smaller dogs also make an appearance, and are known as "Mini's". Breeds are much more varied here, and include Jack Russels, Staffies, Poodles, and many more.

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Dogs in Action

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